Publications that bring you the knowledge of Lighting of Yesteryear

Peter Cuffley's book, Oil and Kerosene Lamps of Australia, is a fantastic reference book for all lamp collectors worldwide. It covers lamps of the world from pre-kerosene to modern day, many sourced from Europe, United States and England, as well as manufactured in Australia. A must for all lamp enthusiasts!!

Allin Hodson's book, Aladdin Kerosene Lamps in Australia, is a 'must have' book for all people who use or are interested in Aladdin lamps. It also provides interesting reading of social aspects since the 1920's. Well illustrated, extensive coverage of Aladdin Lamps and Storm Lanterns.


Jim Dick's book, Tilley the Versatile Vapour Lamp, is a 'must have' book for Tilley enthusiasts. Fabulous range of photographs, as well as much old material from the early years of Tilley in Australia and England.