Hiking, Camping, 4WD, Backpacking, Marine, Out of Doors

Alternative lighting, cooking and heating

Fueled by Kerosene, Shellite, LPG, Petrol


Tilley - the well known pressure lantern.


Repair and service

We repair and service your appliance to get it working again - the way it should


New and reconditioned lanterns available, as well as all parts.

Optimus - the hiking and marine stove - T W Sands & Co are the authorised Repair Service for Optimus appliances. Click here for link to Optimus site.


Impressive stock of appliances and spare parts for most old and current models of

  • Coleman
  • Aladdin
  • Primus
  • Austramax
  • Dietz and many others

Kerosene Heaters, Blow torches and refrigerators - we have the replacement parts you require.